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A Letter to the Reader

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Dear Reader,  A Letter To You.  In this blog, I have shared how my family’s words and behaviors impacted my personal journey with undiagnosed TBIs. I have also explained how their dysfunctional relationship issues influenced my life in general. Your TBI, or disability, will, as it did for me, alter your relationship with yourself and your family. Consequently, it is crucial to explore the emotional nature of your family, (this will also hold true for your friends and others you encounter in your life.) Who exactly are the people who compose your family? How in general do they behave toward you? How do you perceive their responses to how your disability has altered your life? If your family is emotionally healthy and functions with maturity, they will openly journey with you in your rehabilitation and make adjustments to the new you. If your family members are toxic and function with immaturity, you are in desperate need of a Plan B. Trust me, Plan B is not an option; it is a life-savin

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